Hannah, her mom, and I met in 12 South to search for those iconic Nashville walls. As we walked and talked, I could not help but laugh at their humorous banter. Hannah kept cracking jokes and they both kept laughing at her posing. Not because Hannah looked silly of course, but because they have such a bond to find joy in all situations.

Hannah was so willing to do whatever I said. She had the gift of being able to laugh at herself which is photography world is an extra blessing because genuine smiles are the BEST!

Per tradition, senior pictures usually depict what the senior is interested in. And what-do-you-know, there is a graffiti wall with a creature-filled forest. It was a perfect fit for Hannah who loves being outside and also loves hunting.

The second half of our session was spent downtown taking in the gorgeous sunrise over the city skyline. With such a beautiful lady and picturesque sunset, pictures were EASY. I would catch myself saying, “Just stand there, just like you are. It’s gorgeous just like that!” This mixture of blue, pink, and gold was gorgeous. Also, can I take a minute to say how helpful it is to pick out outfits that match where you’ll be photographed? Hannah’s leather jacket, jeans, and boots were perfect for an urban feel in 12 South. Then her switch to a soft, muted sweater and heels was a perfect match for sunset. She is beautiful and funny lady anyway, but her outfits were the icing on the cake.

Hannah and Amanda, thank you for inviting me to celebrate senior year with you! I laughed so much and had such fun taking these pictures. Thank you for making my “job” so so enjoyable.

Hannah Senior Portraits: 12 South and Downtown Nashville

November 9, 2018