A day at the zoo has become one of our favorite ways to pass the time. We bought zoo memberships this summer so we could get out whenever we wanted. One day, we invited Anna to join us and of course I brought my camera along. The Nashville Zoo is gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to photograph someone in its scenery. Thankfully, Anna was game. 🙂

So here are a few of my favorites we took that day, pretending like we weren’t in Nashville but in another land and another time.

I love Anna’s smile. It’s contagious and full of light! I seriously find myself starting to smile when I see this picture.

I am pretty sure in the photo below I said something like, “Play with those thingys.” Yep, clearly I’m a professional model. Thankfully, even Anna’s laughing at me face is beautiful.

Anna, thank you for first and foremost being a beautiful woman inside and letting that light shine through you. You have a God-given gift to uplift and befriend. Thank you for sharing it with us, especially William and I at the zoo. <3

Nashville Zoo Day With Anna

November 27, 2018