Dakota and Brandon have known each other for years, and I don’t just mean a couple, I mean decades! They grew up in church together and have been friends since they were little kids. If you were to watch them in person, you would have no doubt that they know each other like the back of their hand. They are so easy going and comfortable with each other in only a way old friends can be.

It’s only inevitable that two people so compatible will become husband and wife! To celebrate their engagement, and to avoid some nasty weather, we took a date approach to their engagement session. Beginning at the Frist Art Museum and ending at Humphrey’s Coffee Shop, I tagged along as the weirdest third wheel they may have ever had.


The Frist’s current exhibit is Paris: 1900. It was gorgeous! A perfect, romantic theme for a timeless couple.

Humphrey’s Coffee Shop is quickly becoming my new favorite spot. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, but their mission is to serve others. Humphrey’s Street provides local teens with opportunities to work, learn new skills, and create. Seriously, go check them out!

This was Dakota’s face right before she tried Brandon’s kombucha. I am not sure I would have been as happy to try it. (yuck!)

Dakota and Brandon, thank you for letting me tag along on your “date.” 🙂 I love watching you two care for one another, and I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding next fall!

Dakota + Brandon: fall engagement session at Frist Art Museum and Humphrey’s Coffee

November 29, 2018