Are you a New Years fanatic? Resolutions, goal sheets, timelines, and workflows galore? If you said no, don’t worry, me either! But day 1 of 2019 started out in a way I hope the rest of 2019 continues.

I met Greg during college, and for some, that could be a scary memory. (We have all grown up since then, right? hopefully?) But Greg was just as I remembered him: joyful, silly, easy-going, and friendly. It did not surprise me at all that when he met his future wife, Hailey, they quickly fell in love.

Hailey had also lived in Nashville for a time, but this was my first time getting to meet her! You can tell she is a perfect compliment to Greg: calm, reassuring, thoughtful, and kind. I should also mention she has a beautiful smile. Just look at it!

Since Greg and Hailey live in Miami now, meeting up for an engagement session during the holidays was near impossible. Coincidentally, Hailey’s hometown is just a town over from my parent’s current home. We were in the same place for one day, so we knew we had to capitalize on it!

North Georgia is covered with gorgeous mountains, forests, small downtowns, and farms. One of my favorite spots to visit is Sawnee Mountain’s Indian Seats trail. During each visit to my parents, I try to sneak in a reason to take everyone up the trail.

On January 1, Greg and Hailey agreed to tag along with me, and worked their way up the muddy path. This is how you know they are wonderful, down to earth people. How many would be willing to hike almost an hour (one way!) just for engagement pictures? I so admire them, and am cheering that I get to be their photographer!

Once on top of Sawnee, we made our way through the rocks and trees, laughing along the way. Greg and Hailey are well suited for this scene, and I love how they look so natural among the earth’s beauty. Coincidentally (again) I found out Hailey has Native American heritage and here we were at the Indian Seats. So fitting!

I look forward to Greg and Hailey’s wedding this March. I can only imagine how these smiles will be on that day.

Just look at how sweet they are below. Greg warming Hailey’s hands because it was so windy!

Greg + Hailey: New Years Engagement Session at Indian Seats on Sawnee Mountain

January 9, 2019