Taking senior pictures is a rite of passage. For the majority of your 18 years, you have been in school, navigating relationships, juggling homework, and learning new hobbies. Then suddenly, it’s time to put ALL of that into practice. Although it is only one year to the next, the transition is a significant one. Like all of the big moments in life, it is so fitting to remember with pictures. How many of us go home and still see our senior portrait framed in our parent’s home? (My grandmother even has my mom and aunts’ senior portraits still up!)

Claire is one of these ladies getting ready for such a big moment. You could tell she was full of joy, just waiting for graduation to come. Just look at these big smiles! …and it might have helped that her boyfriend was there for moral support 😉

Claire is the perfect mixture of down-to-earth and classic styles. You can tell she’s an athlete but also a girly-girl who can shop for adorable things (just look at her style and that beautiful pink purse!). The mixture of a hip coffee shop and historical college was so well-suited for her. And P. S. props to Claire for being completely okay taking pictures in the midst of a ton of strangers. I knew there were tons of people around and I can’t even tell it by looking at her!

One thing I learned about Claire is that she loves photos. Of course that makes my job so much easier. She naturally soft smiled, model faced, and giggled all through our session. She is such a natural in front of the camera!

After making our way through the busy (but delicious) Barista Parlor, we went for a complete change of scenery at Scarritt Bennett Center. This beautiful campus was originally a college that trained young women missionaries. The center is now a non-profit that hosts various spiritual and cultural events. If you are near Vanderbilt one day, I encourage you to walk about this beautiful campus. Its architecture is breathtaking!

There are times when the wind is super annoying, but when it comes to portrait sessions, I LOVE it. Sure, there is some extra effort involved in taming one’s hair, but it adds so much magic. The dimension and emotion it adds makes one photo full of life! Obviously the wind loved Claire’s gorgeous, platinum hair and I loved photographing it.

I am so excited for you, Claire, as you wrap up senior year and make plans for life after school. Continue to let God use your joyful personality to love and care for those around you. I can’t wait to watch what happens. <3

Senior Portraits in Downtown Nashville | Barista Parlor and Scarritt Bennett

February 28, 2019