During my sophomore year of high school, I met a family that forever changed my life.

I had recently moved home to Alabama from Atlanta and met a new friend in show choir. Pretty soon I learned just how close her family was as I quickly met her cousins, aunts, uncles–you name it! I always admired how close they were: celebrating birthdays together, making a pot of boiled cookies in the evening (best cookies ever), or even just sitting around in their pjs talking about some random event. Through one friendship, I (and my family) met some of the best people I have ever known.

My friend’s cousin, Claire, was just a “little” girl back then. Quiet with big brown eyes, she’d take a peak at whatever we were doing and slowly melt away. As I type this, I looked over to see my a photo from my wedding’s sparkler exit and there Claire is! Not as tiny as before but still a little girl. Well here we are, many years later, and thankfully there was no quiet melting away during her senior pictures. 🙂 Friendly, flexible, and easygoing, Claire was such a wonderful senior to photograph. And obviously that facet that she is beautiful made my job much easier! Just look below!

The wind was CRAZY at Harlinsdale Farm that day.

There wasn’t just a tiny breeze or a burst every now and then. Nope. It was gusty the ENTIRE time we were there. What impressed me so much about Claire is that she didn’t let crazy weather keep her from being beautiful. I don’t just mean outwardly by smiling and posing, but she was inwardly beautiful–happily answering all the questions I asked her, and walking to and from locations cheerfully. She was always down to go wherever and pose however and it let her pretty smile and personality shine through.

Can I also mention how she rocks the “Let me hold back my wind blown hair look”?!

Claire’s outfit choices were ideal for senior pictures, especially at our location in Franklin. The floral dress with subtle colors allowed her to compliment her surroundings while still turning the focus on herself. The hot pink shirt and white pants did the same wonderful job of bringing attention to her beautiful face, while providing a different side of her personality. I love how she found fun, creative clothing that did not distract from how gorgeous she is!

For a few photos, Claire’s cousin Alexa had Claire’s mom on Facetime. This high pony is due to a special request from her mama to have her hair up some. I can see why! I love how spunky the high hair is while it also lets you see those GORGEOUS eyelashes. Spoiler: her entire family has those amazing eyelashes!!

Claire, I really am SO thankful to have seen you grow up from afar. You have the best family I know (besides my own) and I just love you all! Thank you for enduring that wind and for letting it work magic in your photos. Every girl with senior portraits in Franklin, Tennessee will always want wind from now on. 🙂

Senior Portraits in Franklin, Tennessee | Harlinsdale Farm

April 7, 2019