I dare you not to smile while looking at Kennedy and Chris in their greenhouse, coffeeshop engagement session. We explored adorable shops around Franklin, but look their laughs-you cannot beat those!

Travel back two years ago when I had first picked up my camera to photograph someone besides my children. Kennedy and her friend Hailee were the very first gals to jump in front of my camera for senior portraits. Let’s be honest, what’s a better compliment than someone returning to your for photos when they got to watch your very first baby steps?!

Fast forward last month when Kennedy and I met over coffee to talk wedding plans. Immediately I could tell Kennedy and Chris were a couple made for each other. Communication, trust, and laughter mingled its way into every description Kennedy gave of Chris, and when I met them for these pictures, I observed it. These two had so much fun together doing literally nothing. There was no music, nothing funny I said, and no prompting. Kennedy and Chris love being together and it shows.

We began our time over at Hewitt Garden Center in Franklin. Since there was a chance of showers, a warm, plant filled greenhouse was the perfect location. 

A lot of Kennedy and Chris’ first conversations were over coffee, so I knew a coffeeshop had to be incorporated into our shoot. When I stumbled on this modern, beach-inspired shop out in Franklin, I knew those white walls were begging for a photo. I felt like a third wheel on a super cute date and was completely okay with that. Just take a peak at these looks they give one another. 🙂

Can we talk about Kennedy’s ring for a moment? Good job, Chris!! I saw the window light shining on that gorgeous ring and could not stop staring!

No, this was not planned and I love it. These silly moments brought on the best laughs. Can you tell which one is the instigator? 😉

Right beside our coffeeshop was Whit’s Frozen Custard. This yummy shop is local to Kennedy’s home in Ohio so of course we needed to show a little local love. Judging by the amount of happy people who walked out of these doors while we took photos, Whit’s has to be delicious.

We wrapped up the night sneaking into these rose bushes, and I’ll be honest, I think these smiles are my favorites. Chris even took Kennedy’s arms and made her act while sang “A Whole New World.” So how can these pictures not be my favorites? 

Kennedy and Chris, I had so much fun with you during your engagement session, and I know your wedding day will be twice as fun. I truly can’t wait to see how your humor and love continue to encourage all those around you.

Kennedy + Chris | greenhouse and coffeeshop engagement portraits in Franklin, Tennessee

May 4, 2019