I first met Debbie at a college Bible study two years ago. Although I attended as a leader, I really went to soak up encouragement and wisdom from the other ladies, much of who were younger than me. Debbie was one of these students, thoughtfully mulling over hard questions and politely sharing her godly point of view. She challenged me then (and today) to fully embody both grace and truth.

Then there is Brenton. The very tall basketball player whom Chris pointed out to me as Debbie’s boyfriend. I remember watching him on the court, kindly apologizing teammates for his mistakes and thoughtfully playing in sync with those around him. “Can a competitive athlete be this kind?” I thought. Yes, Brenton is also the real deal. Chilvarious, patient, and humble, he is Debbie’s match in every way.

What is most interesting about their love story, though, is that they both grew up in two different countries: Japan and Bulgaria. Both of their parents served as ministers more than 7,000 miles a part. Yet here they are in Nashville, Tennessee about to be married. I am amazed how God providentially guided them to this spot so that they could meet, fall in love, and begin a family together.

Debbie told me she often wished she would marry someone tall. Brenton, growing up in Japan, is keenly aware of his stature, so whenever he is self-abasing about his height, Debbie gently reminds him that he is exactly what she prayed for. Just look and see just how much Debbie loves Brenton in the looks she gives. Isn’t it amazing how God grants us blessings we didn’t think were possible?

Fast forward to May and here we are walking around downtown Nashville to celebrate Debbie and Brenton’s engagement! The Welch College library was the location for most of Debbie and Brenton’s first conversations. Conveniently, Debbie was a library clerk so I can only assume Brenton suddenly had a stronger urge to study more. 🙂 Since the library and this city was a such a pivotal place in their relationship, we decided to showcase this in their portraits. The timeless environment paired with their adorable giggles makes this one of my favorite engagement shoots. Take a peak and tell me you aren’t smiling at these two love birds.

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Downtown Nashville Engagement Session | Debbie and Brenton

May 28, 2019