Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Lizzie had it all on Saturday as she met Taylor at the altar of her church. The dusty blue accents paired with the groomsmen’s grey suits made this day full of romantic, timeless beauty.

When I arrived, I was struck by how peaceful the wedding party was. Small talk, laughs, and even ping pong filled the getting ready rooms. It was clear Lizzie and Taylor were at complete peace about their wedding day and their lives together. I even took a peek at dad: father to four girls. In the midst of all the hairspray and make up, he was calmly resting in a nearby chair, I’m sure thoughts of his daughter filling his mind. (Being one of four girls, I totally get a dad just hanging out in a chair in the midst of the women pampering :).) That calm smile soon turned into a joyful laugh as he saw Lizzie in her wedding gown. It seemed like they both had the “laugh so we don’t cry” characteristic. It was such a sweet moment to see.

I couldn’t help but notice Taylor had the same cool as a cucumber tendency as Lizzie’s father. I was passing by the groomsmen’s room earlier in the day and caught Taylor singing along to “Then” by Brad Paisley. As he sang along to the, “and I thought I loved you then” I wanted to cry just thinking how he must be thinking of Lizzie. But the sweetest moment had to be right after the I do’s. Lizzie and Taylor cheerfully strolled down the aisle and stopped to hug one another in the lobby. This wasn’t just a “Hey, that was fun” hug. It was a sigh of relief, I’m forever your’s kind of hug. I’m pretty positive I observed some very sweet tears too.

Laughter, peace, and plenty of family and friends filled Lizzie and Taylor’s wedding day. I will never forget the very apparent love they had for each other and the naturally romantic way they interacted (I hardly had to pose them the entire day!). Take a walk through their wedding day and soak up the vintage details, loving looks, happy families, and beautiful blue.

We wanted a special photo to showcase how each sister was wearing family pearls (grandmother’s and mother’s). Not only were these pearls family pieces, but Lizzie’s beautiful blue handkerchief and other jewelry were as well!

Lizzie and Taylor, thank you for inviting me to celebrate your marriage. I absolutely loved watching you love each other and am excited to see the future you will make together. Now, enjoy your honeymoon!

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A Dusty Blue Southern Wedding | Elizabeth + Taylor

June 4, 2019