One July evening, a historic southern home, Bulgarian traditions, and Japanese friends mingled to celebrate the marriage of Debbie and Brenton. This outdoor wedding and reception took place at the charming Cool Springs House, the perfect Nashville venue for a timeless bride. There, friends and family from all over the world took time to cook, decorate, celebrate, and laugh. The atmosphere was peaceful and joyful. Right when I walked into the bride’s suite, I could sense the calm only God’s peace can bring. You see, Debbie and Brenton should have never met one another. He being from Japan and she from Bulgaria, it was extremely unlikely for their paths to cross. But this young girl dreaming of a tall man soon met her match when God’s leading directed them to the same college in Nashville, Tennessee. Unbeknownst to them, they both had friends who shared much in common, and this school in Nashville happened to be one of them.

Debbie and Brenton’s love poured out of them all day and into everyone who was around them. Debbie’s family even took time to present ME with a gift while I was taking photos. Bulgarian pottery, cloth, jewelry, and more all to say thank you. This amazing love also shone through their 16 member bridal party. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about coordinating 16 people, but let me tell you. They made my life so easy! Genuine laughter, eyes of admiration, cheers of support: all for Debbie and Brenton. This joy flooded out at the reception as they danced a Bulgarian folk dance, ran after the groom’s”meat toss” and cheered away the newlyweds. Their happiness was contagious and made me want to put my camera down to join in on the fun.

Beyond their beautiful character and contagious virtue, Debbie and Brenton’s wedding was filled with international touches. Beginning with the details, Debbie was given Brenton’s great, great (an so on) grandmother’s ring to wear on her wedding day. This black ring seen in a detail shot below had been used by other family members for generations. Also, Debbie’s wedding gown was from Bulgaria. Brenton proposed while they were visiting family and she was able to quickly find a dress before flying out.

Origami adorned the centerpieces, chop sticks served as wedding favors, and guests danced (and tried to learn) Bulgarian folk dances. I could write a novel explaining each and every intentional detail of Debbie and Brenton’s day. Each moment was chosen with purpose, and each act was done in love. Debbie and Brenton, I am honored that I was a small part of your wedding day. Not only did I love watching my husband officiate, but I adored seeing you two so in love. Your love for each other and for God was felt by all of us and made this a celebration I will NEVER forget. Thank you, sincerely.

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A few special moments below are when Debbie and Brenton led their guests in a song. Soon after, 8 different friends came up to pray of the couple in 8 different languages. These prayers in French, Russian, Japanese, German, and more displayed the unique cultures and uniting faith of all that were gathered.
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outdoor wedding nashville outdoor wedding nashvilleEveryone enjoyed a good laugh when Brenton’s little brother gave him a literal piece of toast during his toast.
funny toast idea

In Bulgaria, the mother of the bride bakes a bread and shares it with the bride and groom. Dipped in honey and then in salt, these symbolize the sweet and bitter moments of life. Afterward, the couple breaks the bread and whoever gets the larger piece is said to “rule the roost.” We all laughed seeing the giant piece Debbie got away with.

The first attempt of Brenton’s meat toss went in a very unexpected direction. A piece of plastic ripped and the meat went flying forward. Needless to say, men at competitive and a table went tumbling as they darted away. Brenton graciously did a second try and they still had a blast jumping and pushing.

After this beautiful day filled with golden light, I am 100% in love with outdoor weddings. Are you ready to book your’s? I would love to talk to you!


Venue: The Cool Springs House

Bride’s Hair and Make Up: Morgan Ebright

Bride’s Gown: Alegra Bridal

Groom’s and Groomsmen Attire: Alain Dupetit

Florist: Cindy Ellis

Photography: Rebekah Talbot

Catering: Immanuel Church, Gallatin, Tennessee

Outdoor Wedding in Nashville | Debbie and Brenton

July 20, 2019