Yesterday, Cody and Victoria became Mr. and Mrs. Matlock in a peaceful, winter wedding. Thoughtful gifts, encouraging friends, a snowball fight, and plenty of laughter filled the day.

When I met with Cody and Tori to take engagement pictures, I knew their wedding was going to be one of my favorites. They are incredibly laid back and love to laugh with each other. A couple who is at peace with each other are the best to photograph. Even on their wedding day, when most people’s nerves are on edge, they were relaxed and calm as they enjoyed each others company. If I hadn’t been at their wedding day, I would have sworn they had been married for years.

Cody and Tori’s loving and easy going dispositions were clearly inherited from their families. From decorating to ironing, I watched as their parents helped with every aspect of the day. But not only were they helpful, they made sure to keep an open ear for their child. The pride in each parents eye was visible the moment I arrived. Seeing Tori’s dad snap pictures of her while she was waiting for her first look, watching Cody’s mom beam with pride while she pinned on his boutonniere, and many more moments made it very clear this family was full of genuine love.

As you look through these photos, I hope you get a small peek into the joy, authenticity, and comfortable love of their day.

Cody gifted his groomsmen custom sunglasses, and they definitely enjoyed showing them off.

Tori’s jewelry had incredible significance. She wore her mother’s ring, her bracelet held some of her mother’s wedding gown, and her earrings were a gift from her father.

Cody and Tori love playing games, so they thoughtfully included several unique and clever games for their guests to play at the reception.

As they exited, guests threw faux snowballs at the couple. Tori quickly hid behind the door, which was a smart move considering several cans of silly string came soon after!

Cody and Tori, thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day. It was an honor to watch you dedicate yourselves in marriage, and it was a privilege to see all the emotions and fun details behind your day. Now, enjoy your honeymoon!

A Nashville Winter Wedding | Cody and Victoria

December 30, 2019