On April 8, we welcomed a 9lb and 1oz baby boy into our family.

Samuel was born during a strange time in our world. No baby showers, no family visits, and no last minute baby store runs or pregnancy craving trips. Covid-19 changed the way we anticipated his arrival would happen but his name kept reminding us of what was important.

Samuel means “his name is God.” God is god. A simple, profound truth that led us during Samuel’s delivery. No matter our circumstances, or what we think should be happening, God is god.

To be honest, I felt increasingly uneasy before Samuel was born. My job, our living environment, our family, my medical plans–it was all different than I anticipated. I love being on top of things and having a sense of control in my life, and I definitely did NOT have control on things. But the simple truth of Samuel’s name really gave me peace. Although I chose the name, it was like God was reminding me to think of things simply. He is God. I can trust Him!

Beyond being a sense of God’s peace in an unsettling time, Samuel has brought so much joy into our family! James Elliot loves kissing baby’s head (several times a day) and William continually sings him lullabies. I could not have dreamed of two better big brothers. They love checking on Samuel and are always ready to interpret what he “needs,” which sometimes means he “needs” Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. : )

Samuel’s middle name, Gene, comes from his Papa, Bobby Gene. As Chris and I discussed middle names, we enjoyed thinking of how Samuel could explain to people, “My name comes from my grandfather.”

Samuel Gene, you are dark haired and dark complected like your daddy. You have the softest little head and long fingers and toes. You really love for mommy to hold you, especially when you should be sleeping. Good thing you are cuddly and give the best snuggles. We love watching your inquisitive expressions and have finally broken your serious looks to get some cute grins. You love having lots of activity going on around you which makes me think you are going to enjoy being the life of the party. We are thankful for you and cannot wait to watch you grow.

Welcome to our world, Samuel. You are loved.

Thank you to my friend, Jac Smith with J. Photography for taking these precious photos for us. We adore them.

Welcome, Samuel Gene.

May 14, 2020