Her mother’s dress, grandmother’s jewelry, and beans from his farm: Destinee and Jonathan’s wedding day was full of meaningful beauty.

To some, Ina, Illinois is just a “middle-of-nowhere” midwestern city. But to the 200 hundred guests in one of the cities largest churches, Destinee and Jonathan’s day was a huge celebration. It’s not hard to see why their wedding drew so much love and support as both Destinee and Jonathan are wonderful human beings. Dedicated to each other, to God, and to serving their communities, this couple has made a positive impact on several lives. It was no surprise that they opted to serve their guests wedding cake so that they could personally thank each person for coming to their wedding. Similarly, during the ceremony, Jonathan and Destinee shared a special moment with each set of parents, giving their mothers roses and thanking them for what they have done to raise them. On a day that is rightfully all about them, they chose to celebrate others.

This quality did not appear on its own, of course. Destinee and Jonathan’s kindheartedness was nurtured by their families. I met Jonathan’s dad at the church early Friday morning as he worked on all of the finishing touches. I watched as both parents teared up throughout the day, full of love and admiration for their children. Ryan, Jonathan’s brother, took time throughout the day to celebrate his “old roommate” as he called him. Maybe it is because I have sons, but I was touched watching how he subtly checked on his brother throughout the day (with lots of picking-on-him moments of course). It was hard to miss who gave the last hug before Jonathan got in his get-away car. Of course it was a handshake and squeeze from Ryan.

I could list many more sentimental and well planned moments, but the last I will share is the letter Destinee wrote to Jonathan. Before their first look, Jonathan and Destinee read letters they had written to each other. While reading, Jonathan realized he had two letters from Destinee. One from this year and then another from the first moment they began dating. Years ago, Destinee knew Jonathan was who she wanted to marry so she wrote him a letter. Now, on their wedding day, she was able to see that dream become a reality. Jonathan’s teary eyes watching Destinee walk down the aisle made perfect sense. How blessed he is to have an incredibly kind-hearted, godly wife.

I hope this small insight into their day shows you their dedicated love and commitment to goodness.

These were special moments as Destinee’s mama adjusted the same dress she wore on her wedding day. nashville film photographer wedding nashville film photographer wedding nashville film photographer wedding

When you’re with midwestern farmers, soy beans as your exit celebration only makes sense. However, their lack of comfort while being thrown makes for some fun pictures.

Destinee and Jonthan, I am privileged to know you. Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your marriage. It was a beautiful, meaningful day that is only the beginning of a wonderful marriage. My deepest congratulations to you!

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Vendor Team

Venue: Ina Free Will Baptist Church

Bride’s and Bridesmaids hair: Jamie Parsell

Cake: Rhonda McClaren

Wedding Coordinator: Kathy Coats

Film Lab: PhotoVision

Destinee and Jonathan | a sentimental Ina wedding

July 30, 2020