Megan and Michael became Mr. and Mrs. Hurmiz on a beautiful fall morning just outside of Nashville. This beautiful Tennessee day gave them glowing sun, a cool breeze, and colorful leaves. Cumberland Camp, where Megan has worked and ministered for several years, was the backdrop for such a significant day. Family and friends came from miles away to joyfully celebrate this new husband and wife. I can’t think of a more fitting flower than the sunflowers that decorated every space. Michael and Megan are full of laughter, and the bright sunflowers perfectly depicted their joyous love.

Michael and Megan are both characterized by friendliness and sincerity, and their wedding day was no exception. No matter where we were, Michael stopped to wave, chat, or smile at whatever guest was passing by. Tears of joy continued to stream down Megan’s face while she was overcome by the significance of this commitment, God’s guiding hand in her relationship, and all of the meaningful family and friends who helped make this happen. I was moved by how thankful Megan and Michael were for those around them, and most importantly, for how God had directed them.

One of my favorite moments of the day was watching Michael see Megan for the first time. After their first look, we went to take portraits, and Michael continued to “ooo and ahh” over her. He would step back just to take in the full beauty of his new wife. As you look through their images below, it will not be hard to tell just how much fun they have loving each other.

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Congratulations, Megan and Michael! It was an honor to celebrate with you and to watch you become Mr. and Mrs. Hurmiz. Thank you for inviting me into such a special moment. Enjoy your honeymoon!!


A Tennessee Fall Wedding | Megan and Michael

October 6, 2020