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Observing nature and those in it has always been my favorite pastime. I used to wander around the neighborhood, snapping shots of sun rays bouncing off flowers or the iridescent bug crawling down the street. 

God blesses us with immense beauty. I long to capture that in photo form, hoping that it gives just a glimpse into the joy, hope, and wonder of each moment. Rather than do this alone, I ask you to join me. Let me capture the moments in time you wish would stand still forever.

hello. I'm Rebekah.



my faith

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The apostle Paul described marriage as a divine mystery. Two different humans choosing to become one. Years of laughter, change, heartache, and joy. For better or for worse; for richer or for poorer. Your marriage is a beautiful masterpiece.

This is why wedding photography should reflect the immense treasure of your commitment. There are few tangible items that display the memories of your wedding day like photos. In one hundred years, what will your grandchildren "oo" and "ah" over? Can't you picture it now? "Grandma, you look beautiful! What's with Grandad's silly hair style?"

If I am lucky enough to join you on your wedding day, I desire to build a relationship beyond your ceremony. Once a Talbot bride, always a Talbot bride. I believe in supporting you as you snap those tricky buttons on your dress, as you welcome your first child into the world, and as you experience your accomplishments, joys, and even failures.

Ready to take wedding photography beyond images? Me too.

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

Rebekah's Philosophy